NFL & BBC Sport


Director: Ryan Kerrison  

DP: Dan Phakos, Travis Bleen  

Editor: Alan Harca  

Prod. Co. Whisper Films, HOUSE.  

Distr. BBC & NFL Films  






Stepping foot inside any NFL stadium on Game Day will quickly erase the phase "it's just Football" from your vocabulary. After witnessing 75,000 fans arrive at a stadium 4 hours early, setup mini-kitchens from their SUV's and cook enough food to feed all the residents of Manhattan, you may start feeling analogies like "religion" are better suited. 

During the 2015/2016 NFL season we were tasked with capturing the soul of game day from a different game each Sunday, before returning to HQ in New York and delivering the final 2-minute feature before being broadcast in the UK the following Tuesday night, with no time outs left.