At 6’7” and 215 pounds, Deontay Wilder always imagined he’d be making a name for himself on the football field or the basketball court. After the birth of his daughter Naeiya, his dreams took an unpredictable turn. She was born with severe spina bifida and doctors told Deontay that she would most likely never walk. Torn by the news, Deontay immediately abandoned his dreams of being a professional athlete and began to work multiple jobs to pay for the surgeries and medical care Naeiya required. After a year of tirelessly working to support his daughter, a miracle occurred. Through a friend, Deontay discovered a hidden gift that would change his and Naeiya's lives forever; boxing. With Naeiya as his inspiration, Deontay has rapidly risen through the ranks in the boxing world where he is widely considered the next great heavyweight contender. Fueled by love and compassion, Deontay's boxing has afforded him the opportunity to provide his daughter with the best medical care possible. Naeiya is now able to walk on her own. One step at a time, Deontay and Naeiya continue their fight and journey toward greatness together. From the beginning, this project has been defined by a single word, passion. Our entire team felt it was our duty to share Deontay and Naeiya's story`as it further instills our belief that lives can be changed when you give of yourself for the good of others.


Prod. Co & Creative Collective: Variable

Creative: Henry Busby, Marcus Tortorici, Miller Mobley

Exec Prods: Jana & Miller Mobley, Marcus Tortorici, Henry Busby

Directors: Henry Busby, Marcus Tortorici, Miller Mobley

Director of Photography: Khalid Mohtaseb

Production Designer: Joseph Sciacca

Post Production: Variable

Editor: Salomon Ligthelm

Assistant Editor: Daniel Stewart

Titles & Motion Graphics: Maha Mohtaseb

Colorist: Khalid Mohtaseb

Composer: Ryan Taubert

Sound Design: Salomon Lighthelm